ANS Coins is the busiest and highest paying coin dealer in the Lehigh Valley, Pa. ANS Coins is trusted as a coin dealer because of our knowledge in the field. ANS coins will purchase any and all United States coins, foreign coins and or tokens. ANS Coins is located only minutes from Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Quakertown, or Reading Pa, is very easy and convenient to get to us from anywhere in the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, or New Jersey. ANS Coins pay you cash on the spot for your 90% and 40% US silver and non-silver coins and foreign coins. ANS Coins will purchase all of your silver, copper, nickel, bi-metal, gold, and platinum coins from the United States of other countries from the world. ANS coins will purchase just one coin or your entire coin collection of United States or foreign coins.

Do not know what you have that is okay we can sort everything out and let you know what you have a make an offer on it on the spot.

As a lifetime member of the ANA (American Numismatic Assoc), registered as a coin dealer with the ANA, and as collector of United States and foreign coins since 1984, I am very knowledgeable about United States and foreign coins. ANS Coins will always pay you more for than just scrap value for any rare or better date coins that you have. If you do not know what a coin is worth or you do not know what your coin is and how much it is worth. Bring it in here we will be happy to tell you what your coin is and how much it is worth and pay you cash on the spot for it.

As a coin dealer and a coin collector, ANS Coins pay more cash than anyone in the area for your coins or the entire collection of coins. ANS Coins are always looking to purchase any of the following US Coins but not limited to just these;

  1. Colonial Coins
  2. Half Cents
  3. Large Cents
  4. Flying Eagle Cents
  5. Indian Head Cents
  6. Wheat Back Cents
  7. Two Cent Pieces
  8. Three Cent Pieces
  9. Half Dimes
  10. Shield Nickels
  11. Liberty Nickels
  12. Buffalo Nickels
  13. War Nickels
  14. Bust Dimes
  15. Seated Liberty Dimes
  16. Barber Dimes
  17. Mercury Dimes
  18. 1948-1964 Roosevelt Dimes
  19. Twenty Cent Pieces
  20. Bust Quarters
  21. Seated Quarters
  22. Standing Liberty Quarters
  23. Barber Quarters
  24. Washington Quarters 1932-1964
  25. Bust Half Dollars
  26. Seated Half Dollars
  27. Barber Half Dollars
  28. Walking Liberty Half Dollars
  29. Franklin Half Dollars
  30. 1964 JFK Half Dollars
  31. JFK Half Dollars 1965-1970
  32. Bust Half Dollars
  33. Seated Half Dollars
  34. Trade Dollars
  35. Morgan Silver Dollars
  36. Peace Silver Dollars
  37. Gold Coins
  38. Proof Sets
  39. Mint Sets
  40. Silver Eagles
  41. Gold Eagles
  42. Platinum Eagles
  43. Error Coins
  44. Modern Commemorative Coins
  45. Early Commemorative Coins

ANS Coins always pays you the most cash as a coin dealer and a coin collector and are looking forward to doing business with you and purchasing your coins.