Sterling Silver items are usually marked with markings of .999, 925 or Sterling, 900 or Coin, 835, 835, 800, and or 720, there are a few exceptions where they used hallmarks to identify item as silver. If you do not know if the items you have or silver bring it in to ANS Coins so we can give you a free evaluation and purchase it from you with cash on the spot for sterling silver jewelry, sterling silver flatware, sterling silver bowls, sterling silver trophies, sterling silver trays, sterling silver silverware, sterling silver baby rattles, sterling silver forks, sterling silver knives, sterling silver spoons and anything else made of silver.

If you do not know what you have it Sterling Silver items we will pay you for cash on the spot, we know the hallmarks and how to test items for silver. If it is not solid silver we also buy items that are silver plate for cash on the spot