ANS Coins is buying wrist watches and pocket watches. ANS Coins will purchase any and all watches in cash from you. If you are from the Allentown, Bethlehem, Quakertown, or Lehigh Valley, Pa area, you are just a few minutes from receiving cash from your old pocket watches and wrist watches. Pocket watches are worth more the more that jewels that pocket watch contains. Pocket watches might be marked 5 jewels, 7 jewels, 9 jewels, 13 jewels, 15 jewels, 17 jewels, 19 jewels, 21 jewels and 23 jewels.

ANS Coins will purchase for cash all pocket watches but watches that are 19 jewels are higher and railroad watches are worth more, here is a few names of companies that made pocket watches American Waltham Watch Company, American Repeating Watch Company, Chicago Watch Company, Elgin National Watch Company, Hamilton Watch Company, Hampden Watch Company, Ingersoll Watch Company, E. Ingraham Company, Illinois Springfield Watch Company, Illinois Watch Company, Keystone Standard Watch Company, Lancaster Watch Company, New England Watch Company, New Haven Watch Company, Seth Thomas Watch Company, Suffolk Watch Company, Waltham Watch Company, and Westclox.

Watches cases can be marked 30 Years, 25 Years, 20 Years, 15 Years, 10 Years, or 5 Years then either Guaranteed or Warranted. Which means that the gold plated is Guaranteed or Warranted not to wear off during normal wear for that many of years. Other pocket watch cases might be marked as Coin which means that the case is 90% silver. Watch cases might be also marked as Sterling or .925.

Pocket watch cases marked as Silverore, Silveroid, or Silverine they do not contain any silver in the watch case. ANS Coins will still buy pocket watch cases that are marked as Silverore, Silveroid, Silverine, or base metal.

ANS Coins will buy pocket watch cases marked 30 Years, 25 Years, 20 Years, 15 Years, 10 Years, or 5 Years then either Guaranteed or Warranted with or without watches inside.